Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Way I See It # 308: Turn The White Snow Red As Strawberries In The Summertime

I'm leaving in a fucking week or so. I can't believe this. How did summer go by so quickly? What have I done? two things:

1. Became better friends with Abby, I think. We hung out a lot, and that was awesome. I was thinking about it the other day, and I have to reaffirm (if I've already mentioned it before) that she is probably my best girlfriend. She is awesome. And someday I will hear about her managing the campaign of the next President.

2. Grew up.

What? Lisa grew up? I'm always, constantly, everlastingly, growing up. maturity manifests itself in so many ways. I made some grown up decisions. Where to live, organizing an apartment hunt, calling people. Today I'm handing over the check to my landlord.

OKAY OKAY. I'm not paying for it. Sue me (Don't.) But just putting this all together I've learned a lot. And moving in and being on my own for the first time is going to be a change. I think I definitely have more growing up to do.

I'm going to Richmond today to make sure the place is how I bought it , except cleaner, and take measurements. I'm glad I learned how to draft a fucking room dude. talk about impressive skills that I've used over and over again. Thank you Technical Theatre, I knew it would work out. I'm going back to Richmond on Sunday to be there when my Ikea furniture arrives, so I'm amped about that.

And Jackie is giving me her furniture. Either I'll buy it off her, or I can borrow it until she needs it again. I'm excited. That's a futon, a chair and ottoman, a bookshelf, and a dresser. I think also a TV stand is in the mix. I should ask Abby about the TV her parents want to get rid of.

I'm excited for Kara and Christina to see the apartment, and Jackie is going to come later when I move in, since we'll be moving in her furniture as well. I hope they all like it. Their opinions really matter to me. Jackie's especially. I guess there will always be a part of me that wants her opinion on the big things in my life.

I've grown up in other ways. I worked a lot. I managed to never bitch about working while I was at work (unlike a lot of my coworkers) and not that much at home, because I know that I need fucking money. I had the discipline to not buy anything for myself this summer because I was paying off the car accident, and also saving up for apartment stuff.

So overall I think I have to say that this was probably the worst summer I've had, but in retrospect, it made room for a lot of growing, and I think that's really good.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Way I See It # 307

I clean up pretty good.



The Way I See It # 306: No Sleep Tonight, Only Sweet Reminders

I have a very prospective buyer for my drum set, and I'm hoping to god he will put $300 cash into my hand and drive off with my drum set. Not that I hated the instrument, I really liked it, actually. Hopefully in the future I will get the notion to play again when I have free time, no noise restrictions, and a nice nest egg to sit on.

As it turns out, the guy coming to look at the set tonight actually has a son who wants to play, and his drum teacher is my old teacher, Chris!!!

I'm very excited that someone will put it to use.

I should really go see Chris again. I liked him, and it wasn't awkward when we saw eachother at the bank, so I should stop by and visit before I go back next week.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Way I See It # 305: Sail Till Morning

I didn't think I was going to stay up this late. I decided to write in my real journal, the leather one Sid got me, and it's now almost 3. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, which I think will be lovely. My hair is so long. Not that I'm going short, but it will be nice to have a healthy trim, (2 inches? mabey)

Time to sleep.

The Way I See It # 304: I am an emotional champ.

The only thing going for me right now is my prospective pay check, sleeping over at my boyfriends house, and eating lunch today, and leaving for richmond in a little less than two weeks.

What's going on Lisa's life that she doesn't like?

1. Working so many hours that she hadn't seen Sidney in three fucking days.
2. The only shoes she has for work have no support and is there such a thing as heel splints? Because she feels like she has those.
3. Her dad is being a class A jerk. This is usual, but lately it's been getting unbearable.
4. She has to map out every thing she does in a day because her family now only can use one car (This is related to point #3).

As soon as I get to Richmond I'm booking it for Belle Isle and a corona. Can we do that?

we should all have a reunion party when everyone gets back in town. I'd like to see everyone again as soon as possible.

so for now, life sucks. Hopefully life won't suck in Richmond.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Way I See It # 303

Getting up at 10 is way better than getting up at 7, I have to say. I work from 12-9 today. Another long ass day, but in the end it will be worth the money. Next week alone I'm earning almost $400 dollars. who knows how much I made this week. Any way, work is rolling along. Only two weeks and I'll be outta here.

Mom and Jackie are in Connecticut, so that means that it's just the three of us and Dad. I was eating breakfast and he asked me if I'd be around tonight. I said I was working, and so was Christina. He said, "Oh.... well I thought we might be able to all have a nice dinner out."

This sounds like a generous offer, but I don't appreciate or accept it for reasons I can't really say. Being at a table with my dad, without my mom could probably end up badly. what would we talk about? The fucking motorcycle? How he can't remember where any of us work? How his job is going? There would be nothing but phony chit chat, and I hate that shit. everything he says seems phony to me. He's friendly, but when he is, he puts me on edge. I never know what he's going to say next.

I wish mom hadn't gone to connecticut, but c'est la vie.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Way I See It # 302: Cubic Zirconium Rattling In Its Insecure Fixing.

Work wasn't so bad. It wasn't that crowded and I was hanging out with coworkers I generally like. I got paid today, which was awesome, and I packed a kick-ass lunch. I also got to see Sid, which was great. The doctor visit was good, except the lab technician was out sick (of course), so I don't know when my results will be in, I guess it's their problem now. My day was pretty much alright. I work 12-9 tomorrow, so that should be another fun filled day. hopefully it will be manageable. I'm excessively tired. Jackie came home a little while ago, and I've been laughing non stop. She's the comedic relief for the family right now, which is refreshing.

I would write more, but I'm so tired I can't!

The Way I See It # 301: I may be paranoid, but I'm not an android

I'm going to the doctor at 8:30. It would have been nice to wake up at 7:30, but I woke up at 7 stupidly. The sun creeped into my room, as it never does... ever, and struck me in the eyes annoyingly. I hate sunlight, I am a ghoul. I like the darkness. At least in the morning. it's been the hardest to drag myself to me feet. I delayed a whole 16 minutes before actually getting out from under the covers. Too bad my room is freezing. This usually provides wonderful sleeping conditions, but waking up just sucks. I woke up at 7 nearly every day last semester. That sucked, and it sucked hard core today. I woke up at 5:30 for four years in high school. Somehow, that wasn't so bad. I guess because I was used to it, and wasn't going out late like I was at school.

That after shower feeling made it a wonderful night's sleep. I hate going to bed feeling grimy. it so much better to feel refreshed while you take a nice deep slumber. How many synonyms can I use for sleep?

This doctor thing had better take no time at all. And then work is going to drag like no one's business.

I was considering taking the week after I actually move in to come back and work before I go back to school, but it was looking dicey. I didn't want to stay in Richmond and pay for my subsistence there until the meal plan starts, but then I realized something. I haven't had a break all summer. Due to family issues we didn't take a vacation like we normally do. I've been working my ass off all summer. I never took the day trip to Richmond like I wanted, I never got to the beach. I spend long hours at work, and yet I didn't come close to meeting my summer income goal. I'm stressed out about moving to Richmond. My relationship with my father has deteriorated past comprehension, and things haven't exactly been the smoothest with Sid this summer. I'm worried about my family, I'm worried about my health (I'm going to the fucking doctor today to make sure I'm fine!), I haven't seen anyone I met from VCU, and I'm stressed out that I won't be able to make more friends next semester.

I was talking to Emma and she said, "The summer after your senior year of high school is the best, and the summer after your first year at college is your worst."

I think I could take that pretty seriously.

So I'm going to stay in Richmond for that week and fucking enjoy myself. I think that's a little more important than earning $200 or so.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Way I See It # 300

300 POSTS!



The Way I See It # 299: Just Keep Rolling along

Today was the day. THE day. I went to Ikea and purchased all (if not most) of the furniture that will go in my studio next year. The total amount for the furniture was a little bit over $700 and that's not including the mattress. I think that's pretty good! The other things I bough added up to just under $200, which was my entire budget for the things I was going to buy myself. Um... I'm definitely going to go over in budget, but I expected that. So I'm glad I got all of that furniture shopping done. Now all I have to worry about is the Mattress. I'm hoping I can go to the neighborhood Mattress Warehouse and have them do a charge send to the Richmond store, that would be just too convenient.

I'm going to the doctor early tomorrow morning (8:30 AM!!!) for a follow up, and then I'm heading straight to Tysons to work 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM! I volunteered for 2 extra hours, but now I think I'm going to regret it. At least the money will be good.

I just took a shower. Don't you love that after shower feeling? I don't know if any of you reading this have that feeling. That feeling of being completely cleansed, clean, and healthy. I don't know. I take great pleasure in showering/bathing in general. When I was younger I used to get upset, and one of the things that calmed me down was washing my hands. The smell of the soap and the hot water really relaxed me. I guess you could call that borderline OCD. But anyway, the smell of soap and the feeling of hot water have always been secret pleasures for me. Is that awkward? Are we not friends anymore? At any rate, the feeling of a good hot shower is probably the best feeling in the world. Or rather one of the best feelings.

Speaking of the best, I think that "Paranoid Android" is one of the best Radiohead songs there is.

I'll probably write later, because late night blogging is also one of my secret pleasures.

or, I guess that's not so secret. At least not anymore...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Way I See It # 298: Whatcha Waitin' For?

Fuck him if he thinks I'm driving him to the goddamn Harley dealership.

The Way I See It # 297

So that nibble turned into a failed attempt at fishing. The woman interested in buying my drum set backed out this morning with, as she put it, "Cold Feet". I did get a not-so-sketchy post on facebook for the set, so I hope that works out. I really hope that works out. I could use $300 dollars pretty badly.

Today I should be hanging out with Sid and Julia but I haven't heard any word, so I don't know. My room is a mess and I need to clean it, otherwise I'm going to nuts. I also need to take out the trash before mom sees it. She would flip. She's going up to Hartford with Jackie on saturday to look at apartments. So that leaves the "trips" with Dad. What a great/fantastic day. Maybe I'll grow a pair and tell him that I can't stand being around him. But I probably won't.

I should go and start cleaning, otherwise I'll never do it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Way I See It # 296

I turned in my notification for my last day at Resto. I put down August 8th instead of the 13th. Johnny, the GM, told me that there are 8-hour days available from th 28th of July to the 3rd of August, and that I can get a piece of the action if I want to. I said deal me in. If I stock up on hours now, I figure I won't need to come back to V-town after I actually move in. Besides, that Sunday is the 10th, and my last day would be the 13th, only two days to work; that isn't worth the gas money let alone the fatigue I'll have if I'm traveling to Richmond, and back to work. Besides, Sidney will be all alone in Richmond because Brendan won't have moved in yet and I don't think Julian will be in town. Not that Sid needs company, he makes friends wherever he goes, but I'd like to be with him for a week before everyone gets in town. That might be nice.

I had 3 hours of training today. Not too bad. I learned a new ordering system and listened to Russell bitch the whole time. Whatever.

I bought my school bag, actually, at Resto. for $9, and I'm really happy with it! I was expecting to spend around $50 or something. so that leaves a big hunk of my school clothing budget left over. I'm setting aside $300 for clothing, and $200 for the apartment.

I put a listing on craigslist for my drum set and I've had a nibble! I put it on facebook, and I've gotten 3 replies and they are all sketchy, so I'm ignoring them.

I'm tired. I woke up early to shower and now I'm all tired out, :(

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Way I See It # 295

Life at Resto is considerably hard to bear nowadays. While I fold the towels you scramble to buy at 20% off I'm thinking of how fast I could force myself to go down Vale road without getting caught or losing control. To see what my limits are in a car are unexpectedly on my mind all the time. This coming from the girl who got into that.... ahem.... car accident. My mind wonders to the Dupont Race Way where my dad learned to drive about a million years ago. Being knowledgeable behind the wheel is very appealing to me. Barreling around a curve at 98 MPH is also very appealing to me.

but I digress.... my mind has wondered off as it does when you ask me what ingredients are in our hand soap.

Meanwhile I'm shrugging my shoulders to the mellow music that has been demographically chosen to ease you into the spending mood. You have no control over your delight that our "White Fig" fragranced items are 50% off. Ask me about the natural origin of a white fig and I will punch you in eye.

Taking in the automatic ethnography that studying Anthropology has taught me to do, the typical shopper at Resto. is middle aged and somehow redecorating every room in the house. What color are your walls? Green? Did you know that green is a soothing color that injects your room with tranquility?
See Also: Silver Sage
See Also: Dark Sage
See Also: Sea Green
I hope you know that the kind of room you are decorating dictates the kind of draperies you'll want to buy. Decorating a bedroom? Don't buy the sheer silk panels unless you want some Peeping Tom (or the secretly lucky bystander) to look in as you and your husband, or lover, or teenage son/girlfriend, do the nasty with no covers thrown over the situation.

I've charted out some sort of Evolutionary grid, following the steps outlined in Archaeology 101. Collecting data, using it's Datum, finding the carbon date of each and every Starbucks coffee cup (my life as a....?) I find nestled in the beds and under the furniture. I'm creating a time line of man's evolution: our devolution, as the mall rat depicts. Not being able to find a suitable place to take care of her young, a novice mother changes a diaper on one of the beds. A young girl drops a Christmas tree ornament and begins to sob uncontrollably as I tell her it's okay, and I don't mention payment to her parents. The evolutionary chart turns to a kind of demographic that floods the store: those who spruce up the facilities.

Redoing the bathroom, you say? Why don't you buy into something that went out of style in the 18th century? We have the vintage faucets, styled old enough to make you feel as though your bathroom will amount to something that you yourself couldn't be: special. Analyze the differences between the framed and frameless mirrors, and take a special minute to think about what finish you want everything in. Pick the right one and you won't have shipping costs. Oil Rubbed Bronze? Sorry Charlie, no go.
See Also: Polished Chrome
See Also: Satin Nickle

Can't tell the finishes apart? need help recognizing Polished Nickle from Polished Chrome? The crucial choice between which silvery finish you want is the most important thing in my life at the moment. As a sales associate I am only concerned with helping you dicipher the different finishes and textures that will help make your bathroom your most admired room. You know... the room you shit in? The room you throw up in after getting wasted at garden parties and poker nights with the neighborhood ladies?

And feel free to make me feel as inadequate as possible! Be my guest to throw things around that I arrange so perfectly. Don't you realize that I am creating the image you desperately want in your own home? You don't buy the mounds of towels because you need them, you buy them because somehow you're certain that by having them your life will be as neat and straight as the store you bought them from. This is the point of merchandising. This is why VCU students in the Mass Comm. major are going to make millions.

Rip the walls down, ruin what I put up every night, be as callous as possible when I tell you that we actually don't carry out furniture in stock.

I won't mind. I will occupy my time after closing, bitching about the way you treated me, and conversing with my coworkers about things that shouldn't be talked about at work.
See Also: Getting wasted
See Also: Ecstasy, Acid, and shrooms
See Also: people having sex on the show floor beds

Don't worry, not that you will.
I'll drive home that night, speeding cautiously to Gwen Stefani and smelling the White Fig lotion I put on my hands before clocking out.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Way I See It # 294

So, Random:

Did anyone else Dig the song playing during the trailer for Watchmen?

"The Beginning is The End is The Beginning" by the Smashing Pumpkins.

I'm downloading it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Way I See It # 293

I have to go to work today from 4-11. I don't want to go. But then again I was so bored yesterday. I had the entire day off after seeing Dark Knight, and I didn't do anything. I asked Mom if she wanted to do anything but she didn't. Sid was at work, and sleeping and such, and Christina and Kara were both working. It was really uneventful. I did call my landlord about getting the key and the apartment and stuff, but other than that I didn't do anything.

Today I spent the morning reading "Choke" by Chuck Pahlanhiuk, and now I need to take a shower to get cleaned up. I feel lazy. Lazy, and I don't want to do anything either. Maybe I'll feel better when I wash my hair, put in contacts, and get ready.

I think that work is going to suck tonight. After all, it is a Saturday. I would really love it if no one came in to Resto tonight. I hate dealing with bad customers. Or rather, I would like it if everyone just bought something off the floor, and didn't fuss about shipping charges or when the packages will arrive at their house. I hope we also aren't understocked or understaffed. I would like a stress-free environment and I would like it if No one wants the 3rd, 8th, or 9th off in August.

I guess I've decided to go back home after moving in and work a week. I guess my last day will be August 13th or 14th.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Way I See It # 292

Never before has a movie lived up to all of my wildest expectations. Never have I been speechless and the end of a movie. Never have I felt that in all of my vocabulary I couldn't find the right words to describe a film.

The Dark Knight is the best movie I have seen in a very long time.

But don't listen to me, go see it for yourself and you will understand.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Way I See It # 291: The Crystal Skull: Debunked!

There's an article in the Washington Post about the mysterious Crystal Skulls that have been floating around anthropological circles, inspired the new Indiana Jones movie, and ended up at the Smithsonian right in our back yard!


The Crystal Skulls are fakes.

Read here.

The Way I See It # 290

I don't know what's going on.
How does someone feel that it is o.k. to punish and push their family away without even caring? How does someone push their family around to do what they want? How can someone be so selfish? I don't understand that thought process one has to go through to think that it is perfectly fine to make everyone's lives miserable.

Why is it someone you always count on the most? Where burning bridges isn't an option because in some respects they're helping you out. How do you stand up for yourself? Do you cut all ties and convince yourself things will be better in the end even if they aren't right off the bat? Or do you wait to see if conditions improve? The weird purgatory you end up in is where the feelings converge and become more vicious.

I can't help the situation. My family is ripping apart from my dad, and it's all his fault. I don't know what I can do to convey to him how much mental pain he's conflicted on everyone, but more particularly on one person.

I guess I could just tell him how I feel.

But then, wouldn't he have to be a caring person for that to make any difference? wouldn't he have to care that I feel mistreated and betrayed for that to work?

My Dad evidently doesn't care. All he wants to do is punish us and teach us a lesson.
I'll be happy to go back to school and never have to see him again.

It hurts me to say that.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Way I See It # 289

I'm addicted to Bloc Party's "Mercury"

Though MFR gives it a "C", I really like the song. Maybe because I've never really listened to Bloc Party except for a couple other songs. Whatever, I really like it.


The Way I See it #288

There's a interesting article about Impassive Bystanders. Read the article, its both sad and truthful.

When I was in Algebra II at Madison a kid in my class fell out of his chair and had a grandmal seizure. Out of the whole class no one did anything. The substitute didn't do anything. We all just stared because we thought it was a joke at first, but it wasn't. I remember saying "Someone hold his head! He's going to hit his head." and someone said, "Why don't you?"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Way I See It # 287

I SHOULD be asleep because Sidney and I are venturing into the City tomorrow to see the Holocaust Museum. I'm excited. I've heard that exhibits are incredibly sad and striking, but I've never been. A note for Sid if he reads this: it is free admission, I was wrong! So that should be fun.

Later tomorrow night I'll be visiting Emma and having dinner at her place to eat and catch up. I'm looking forward to it. I always liked Emma, as I have said about a million times, and catching up should be fun. I trust she won't put on an Intervention about you-know-who, but I expect lots of questions, and I plan to give honest answers. I'm glad we're not going out because I'm sort of low on available monetary means.

Tonight I joined Sid and Julian and watched "Tron". I actually really liked it. I liked the look, I liked the costumes, I liked Jeff Bridges, it was good! I thought it was funny to see a movie about computer programs, who would have thought? My dad would probably love that movie.

now I should really sleep. If I take any picture of the museum, I'll put them up, but I don't think it would be appropriate to take photos, so maybe not...

before I go, I forgot to mention. That car accident Sid and I were in six months ago? I got a phone call from my insurance company telling me the case was still open because the man who's car I hit is now having accident-related surgery! I can't believe this. first of all I hope the guy is alright, but I can't believe six months later he's getting surgery. I won't even talk about the possibility of a lawsuit. I'm not really worried. It's probably minor, and my insurance will cover part of it. then it will be finally done with.

Do you ever stare at the screen so long that you get the spins?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Way I See It # 286

I'm going to work in about an hour, and I don't know whether to pack a dinner or not. I sometimes pack a lean cuisine for dinner, but I can't lie, those things just aren't enough food. But I don't want to spend money at the mall.

I got paid yesterday (YES). And now I am quite better off financially than I have been in the recent past (obviously). Now I have the great challenge of convincing my dad to buy the furniture I need, while I pay for the things that I don't. It's going to be a hectic month of August. I head for RVA the weekend of the 8th, where I will begin the monumental effort to make my apartment a comforting place to live. I'm thinking of having a party, but I'm not sure if I'll have the funds for such a shindig. PLUS my landlord shares a wall with me (fuck!). But he'll be moving out soon, I hope a nice family with children will move in so I can babysit and make money.

I went to target to scope out prices and the everyday stuff I'll need. Their cooking ware, knives, pots, toasters, microwaves, etc. are all relatively cheap, so I'm excited that the item won't blow my budget. What's my budget? I have no idea yet, but I plan to save part of my savings for myself. My original plan was to have a nest egg with which to buy clothing, food, and anything I want during my sophomore year. I hate it when things don't go as planned, which is more often than not I should think.

Thursday night Sid and I are working roughly the same hours, and after our shifts end we will be seeing "The Dark Knight" at the midnight showing. I am very excited.

I'm going to go now and try to enjoy myself before I have to go back to work. Thank god I'm not closing tonight. yesterday the store was completely torn apart by overheated consumers looking for a way to cool off. In the end it was their pocket books that were burning. I don't understand this need for material things in a recession (says the girl who must furnish her apartment in the next 4 weeks). Do these people really need to be redoing their bathroom? Do you NEED that new mailbox with all appropriate house numbers? And does one really need five bottles of leather cleaner? The need for towels is so great that I can't compute how much lint all of the towels will shed together. Enough to make you think my pants are white (They are black).

I don't mind retail, but it's a bitch. And it's Tysons. That's the problem. Most People that shop at Tysons are conceited, rich, overbearing housewives from Mclean who have nothing better to do than buy 6 panels of $300 draperies for their laundry room.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Way I See It # 285

One of my favorite television shows on TV is "Intervention" where the families of drug addicts confront their sons, daughters, mothers, brothers, fathers, etc, about their addiction and urge them to get the help they need. I love the show because, like most people, I like seeing the under dog win. I love it when Hank, troubled by the abuse of his childhood and coping with it using heroin, gets the help he needs in treatment and begins cycling competitively like he did before he ruined his life with drugs. I feel good when I watch people beat the odds and win with their personal battles. Like most people, I also am fascinated with addiction. It horrifies me, and interests me at the same time. I am transfixed as if I were watching a train wreck. I'm fortunate not to have known anyone with an addiction. I watched an episode tonight, and as usual it was great, but it wasn't like the other episodes I'd seen.

It was about a guy who owned several successful tanning salons in Las Vegas. He was beaten heavily as a child along with his mother and brothers, and eventually left to be on his own. By the age 21 he owned three businesses. He took in his mother and brothers and took care of them financially. And he started body building. Back in the 90's a lot of muscle-building aids (powders, pills, whatever) used GHB, and he used that for when he slept to build muscle. It gave him a sedated feeling that he felt comforting. But the US Government made GHB an illegal substance in 1999, and so he had to find another substance to give him the same effect. He turned to alcohol, and was soon drinking steadily through the day, drinking out of plastic cups and mugs to conceal his behavior. He drank so heavily that he developed deep bruising all over his body due to liver function. After a short while, he was diagnosed with Testicular cancer. He immediately had the tumor removed, but refused to follow up with chemotherapy and a visit to the oncologist and urologist. His employees took care of him like a baby because he was too drunk to do anything. This whole time he is convinced that he has no problem.

On "intervention" the way that addicts are brought onto the show is that they are told they are in a documentary about addiction. But this man was in such a denial that he thought he was perfectly fine. He lied about what he was drinking, and how much. The intervention with his family came, and he refused their begging him to get help. It wasn't until much convincing that he agreed to go.

He spent 30 days in a treatment facility and was kicked out because he wasn't committed to his recovery. He went back home and was sober for 3 weeks before relapsing. All the while he said that he didn't have a problem with alcohol.

At the end of the episode, where there are usually shots of the recovered addict playing basket ball, or hugging family, there was an In Memoriam. He suffered esophageal bleeding and died of alcoholism.

It was depressing. It put me in a down kind of mood. I don't know why I decided to write about it. I guess it just scared me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Way I See It # 284

A decidedly stubborn problem has arisen concerning the whole rock climbing idea. "Sportrock" is 30-45 minutes away. I don't think it's even feasible to take the car that far, with all of us working and driving everywhere all day.

Interesting news from VCU. They sent me an email telling me that I've been awarded an extra 6 credits in AP credit. So, to break it down:

Transfer Credit (Meaning, AP Credit): 18 credits
Institution Credit: 29 credits.
Additional AP Credit: 6 credits.

So right now, as a first semester sophomore, I'll have 53 credits. by the end of this coming semester I'll have 70. That's pretty cool to me.

I'm a little worried about taking a 400-level linguistics course instead of the recommended Evolution class. I think I'll be fine. I hope I'll be fine...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Way I See It # 283

My sisters and I were talking about the things we do at college, and Christina mentioned that she wanted to join the croquet team. Kara said she was doing dance, and I realized that my life at VCU was decidedly bland. I said aloud, "I want to get into a sport" and Kara said she wanted to as well because though dancing is fun, it's not very physical for her. She said they had a rock climbing wall at Radford and that she had tried it once, and said it was fun. WHY DOESN'T VCU HAVE COOL STUFF LIKE A ROCK WALL?

I decided then and there that I had to try that.
I want to try rock climbing.

There's an indoor center in Alexandria called "Sportrock" and they offer lessons for a pretty affordable price. I'm very seriously considering it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Way I See It # 282

I went to IKEA (THE love of my life... besides Sid I guess) a day ago to check out my situation on what I can afford and what I can't. Considering my bank account is devastatingly lower due to paid off debt and a few trips out to eat and such, my situation concerning my once dreamy "nest egg" is now quite dreary. Not to worry though, I'm hatching a plan to get my dad to buy some furniture for me. Not that I expect any response (it's Dad of course) but I'm willing to take a crack at it. I'm going to need a bed, sitting area, desk, chair, and a wardrobe/closet. My needs also include lighting, but lamps and stuff at Ikea is so cheap that I think that if he doesn't even agree to lamps I can manage. As for the other stuff I'm happy to say that I can probably afford carpets, pillows, lights, decorative things, etc. from IKEA. I was thrilled to find an enormous area rug in a shade similar to my walls for only $30.00, and lamps purchased in a set of 2 for $12.00. Needless to say my shopping expedition went entirely too well, and made me very relieved.

I worked 8AM-3PM today and getting up at 6:30 was a bitch. I shouldn't complain, my mom gets up early every day and such. I remember taking Driver's Ed over the summer and having to get up early. I was done by 11AM which made me feel like I had the entire day left to do so much. I was actually reminded of this when I read Julian's blog. I've decided that sleeping in is a luxury, and that unless I am sick, or extremely tired, I really shouldn't try to sleep past 9. And if I do sleep in, I'm thinking it should be around 10. I wake up at 11 and I feel cheated. So I'm reforming, and whipping myself into shape.

Also, I have tomorrow off and I'm going to run, if I feel okay. I went to the doctor today for my ever-lasting plague with UTIs and got my very much needed drugs. But I'm going to run again, because I liked that a lot.

I just got out of the shower, and am waiting for dinner to be done. we're having black bean chili (so delicious). I love the feeling of being warm and clean after a shower. I think that's why I like to take showers at night, I like going to sleep that way. it's very comforting.

Abby wants to go to Baltimore instead of Richmond for Rich's show. I don't know if I can do this. I have no idea how to get around Baltimore at ALL. We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Way I See It # 281

A lot has happened over the last two days. It was all pretty terrible, but now I have to spend some time healing myself and moving forward. So that's what I'm going to do, and hopefully we'll get on the right track again. I know we will.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Way I See It # 279: Don't Ask

I got back from the Fourth of July Wedding with Sid's family last night. Overall the wedding was a nice time. I unfortunately didn't get to see/hear the ceremony due to seating arrangements, but I understand that it was a family function, so not being family I don't have priority. Other than the wedding, the weekend itself was not what I expected. We went down to Winchester Thursday night and stayed over in the hotel till Friday. The events that went on include a bunch of things I didn't expect, nor want to deal with, unfortunately. I guess I should have known things would be like the way they were. I don't want to give off the impression that I had a bad time, because I had a very good time at the wedding, but when we weren't at the wedding, things were difficult.
From dinner with Sid's mom and Jim which made me feel like a babysitter, to being included in a YouTube video, dealing with nasty behavior in the morning, and dealing with shit that I'm tired of dealing with, the events that unfolded around the wedding were lackluster.

I don't know what I wanted. I guess I just wanted to feel like a teenager, but I ended up feeling like the only mature person in the room. I don't always like that feeling.

I'm really pissed off right now, and I have to go to work in an hour. I hate going to work pissed off. I hate being pissed off in general.

I'll try and get online when I get back from work. I work 2-11.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Way I See It # 278: FRESH BEATS

Julian's post was absolutely correct. Greg Gillis, AKA "Girl Talk" has some fucking fresh beats. I've linked the website where you can buy the CD in the title of this post, so click away if you so please!
Tonight I went to Ebbie's house for a shin-dig and I actually had a lot of fun. Everyone was there. I talked with Julie Chappel, who I never really talked to in high school, and thought wasn't very compatible with, but she's a really cool girl! It was actually really nice talking to her, and I enjoyed myself. It was nice to socialize with people my age, and also to get in touch with my actual friends at VCU like Ebbie, Emily, Julian, Brendan, etc. Kelly showed up but it didn't even matter. it was totally fine. I love closure!

Things got a bit tangled when Sid showed up after work, but we're going to talk about that tomorrow. All I was trying to do tonight was have a conversation, I didn't mean to start a fight.

I'm Tired.
"Set It Off" Is AMAZING.