Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Way I See It # 369

I think I overstayed my welcome at a friends house last night..... Shit. It wasn't my intention. I just really like hanging out.


I'll have to watch the clock more closely next time.

I had a dream about Julie Chappel, from high school. I dreamt that I had.... a copy of a book or a magazine... and she really liked it. She asked if it belonged to someone else in the room, and if she could have it, and that person said no, it wasn't theirs. I said it was mine, and she went nuts about this book/magazine. I think she asked if she could have it, or I thought that's what she was asking because I said, "Well, I mean, it belongs to me." Then she was really angry and gave me a really nasty look. Then we all made Pizza bites, but bugs got into them.... typical.

Weird. I never dream.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Way I See It # 368

I went out last night and had a pretty good time! While some of it was awkward and weird, other times were a lot of fun, especially when Thumper was being played. :)

I'm glad I'm going out, I'm meeting people, and someone even payed me a compliment that was very flattering. :) I'll have to get to know that person a bit better, they seem really nice.

Today was spent doing nothing/a lot. I made a to-do list, and the only thing I haven't done is my Linguistics reading, it's so long! I bought "Persepolis" which is a graphic novel about a girl growing up in Revolutionary Iran, so I'm amped to read it. It was actually made into a movie that I wanted to see a while back, maybe I'll rent it. I think it's all in French.

I went to Chili's with Michele tonight which was fun. It's nice because they use dining dollars there, so no pain on the wallet! We had fun, and I like going out to dinner with her. She likes the dining experience.

But Dexter is on tonight! I HAVE TO WATCH. I am crazy about this show. it's great.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Way I See It # 367

Il est nécessaire de souffrir pour être heureux dans la vie. Je devine que je crois ceci maintenant. Que est-ce que je fais? Je ne veux pas substituer cette tache froide, je pas , et je pas . Je pense que je comprends ce qu'il a dit au sujet de l'hantise. Remplir vide est quelque chose que chacun a la inclination de faire, mais je refuse de tomber dans ce piège. Je me demande ce qu'ils disent quand je suis parti? Les mêmes choses qu'ils disent au sujet de lui? Je commence à apprendre quelque chose de nouveau au sujet de quelqu'un, quand je devrais me concentrer sur me. Le problème est, est que je sais qui je suis. Que est-ce que je fais avec toute cette fois pour l'âme-recherche, quand j'ai déjà effectué le travail?

Je n'ai jamais pensé que nous conviendrions sur n'importe quoi, mais nous convenons sur beaucoup de choses. Ceci me donne l'espoir que pendant un jour je pourrais trouver quelqu'un qui me comprend vraiment, peut-être davantage que vous .

J'espère que vous trouvez ce que vous recherchez parce que je ne reviens pas à vous.

The Way I See It # 366

I woke up really late this morning, by accident. My alarms went off, but I think I woke up and shut the off. I didn't even hear the text message from my friend Sarah canceling on me for lunch. Good thing, since we had planned lunch for 12:50, and I woke up officially at 1:30. What's gotten into me? I guess staying up until 4 in the morning the other night didn't help my sleep schedule.

I'm up now, and I don't know what to do. I need to eat, but I feel too weird right now to call anyone and go to lunch, and then be weird in front of them. So I think I'll eat here, and then I have to get out of this apartment. I can't stay here. I am going crazy, like I said. Even thought the humidty today is a straight-hair-obliterating 98%, I need to leave and go somewhere else. No doubt I'll be in the library. I think I might work on my Look Book some more, so I should bring some magazine and such.

I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think it's uneasiness.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Way I See It # 365

I just realized that I have a lab period tomorrow, so I don't need to get up early(ish). Plus, I already did my lab assignment, AND the Quia that's due tomorrow night.

I'm all clean now, my hair is better shape. I only tell you all this because I know you really want to know.

Night time is the worst. I think it will be for a while.
But I'm ok.

The Way I See It # 364

While most days I enjoy being in the library, today is very different. Because of the lousy weather I'm guessing that everyone has decided to come to the library and hang out until the clouds clear out. This being the case, there are hordes of people hovering around the computer section waiting for an open chair, myself being one of them just a few minutes ago. It makes me feel anxious to see someone staring at me, seeing that I am not exactly doing something scholarly and then hovering for 10 minutes.

I just ate Subway and now I am entirely too full to be comfortable in that respect, and I have about 2 hours until my Art History class that I need to kill. So here I am, at the library, hiding from the rain.

the rain and wind have whipped my hair into something most unfashionable, and I can't wait until the day is over and I can relax in my apartment and just chill out, since tomorrow is Friday! YES.

I can't believe this week is almost/already over. This is great. I feel better.

last night started off pretty bad, but I have to say that it ended well. I'm glad I have someone I can relate to, and I'm glad I can talk to someone about stuff, and they'll just listen.

Things are good for being so bad.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Way I See It # 364

I am going crazy.

I left French this morning and rushed to my Physics lab, only my teacher wasn't there, I didn't recognize anyone, and I was very confused. PHYSICS IS TOMORROW. What's wrong with me? I felt completely embarrassed, and left in a rush. Then I couldn't remember what classes I had today, so I ran to the library and checked on the computer. Linguistics and Urban Planning. I'm going crazy. I know why I am, but I can't believe I really thought I had physics.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Way I See It # 363

Books I'd Like To Read:

On The Road- Jack Kerouac
Slaughterhouse-Five- Kurt Vonnegut

If anyone has a copy, pass it my way!

The Way I See It # 362

Study Abroad options:

Places I'm Considering:


So many choices! I'm getting excited about it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Way I See It # 361

Blast off! Up to the stars we go!

Today I went to the bookstore and bought glue, scissors, a sketch book, and the latest issue of Elle Decor. Im excited. The last time I made a look-book was when I was doing technical theatre. I might use it as a field-notebook of sorts, and write down my observations throughout the day. I did a lot of listening/watching today. It was nice, I used to do it more often. I'm excited About the look book.

SO tired.

I just blew a fuse while blow-drying my hair, and I had to go fix it. it's a pain in the ass because the breaker is behind the dryer in the laundry room. Ugh.

Im exhausted!!

Watched Heroes tonight with Sidney, and it was a lot of fun, but a little bit confusing. I think it will get better as it goes on. :)

The Way I See It # 360

Currently Listening To: "Originality"- Thievery Corporation featuring Sister Nancy

I think I've got the whole "waking up" thing down. I wake up at 8AM to take my meds, go back to sleep until 9:30 AM, and then I hit snooze and sleep for five minute increments until 10 o' clock. Some would say "Why don't you just sleep in until 10?" and I would say to that, that it would be hard for me to do that. I would waste time trying to get up, and have to rush out the door every morning. I have to leave in about five minutes right now, but this is 5 minutes I have to do whatever I want. Some would eat, other sleep, I guess I blog. I have french, and then physics this morning, and I get out officially at 12pm. Then I have roughly 4 hours until linguistics. I'll probably go to the library and finish my reading for the class. Also Sarah needs my notes, so I'll be letting her look at those too.

I guess homework for tonight consists of falling asleep to my urban planning book. :P

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Way I See It # 359

Currently listening to: "El Scorcho" by Weezer.

I forgot how much I love Weezer. My older sister Jackie was a fanatic, and so of course, being her younger sister, I became a fanatic. I love the old songs. I miss riding in the car listening to them. I think I'll be posting the music I'm listening to when I write, because I think that music really affect the way I write, and maybe the way other people write. Maybe you'll be able to sense a change in my moods based on the music I'm listening to. HEY. I'll make it better. If I can find a link to the MP3, I'll add it so you can listen while you read. Interactive blogging? What WHAT?

Currently Listening to: "Originality" by Thievery Corporation featuring Sister Nancy.

I woke up hella late this morning. I slept over at Sid's, and since I didn't have my contact case I decided to put my contacts into 2 Solo cups in the bathroom. I woke up this morning and went to put them in, but only one cup was on the edge of the sink. The other was in the trash. I'm guessing that Brendan drunkly drank one. So I had to walk home blind (good thing Sid walked me back), and get my glasses. After that, and after Shafer I went to Michele's to watch the video we made at the party last night, and it was hilarious. Great gift Idea for Sarah!

I spent no time cleaning my apartment like I kept telling myself to do all week. I have little projects to tackle, and I'm starting to feel like a Dad, in that I'm not doing anything on the weekend related to home improvement. I'll get to it, eventually. Or when I get tired of hiding behind one curtain in my bathroom when I want to shower.

I spent a lot of time planning on going to the library to do French, Physics, and Linguistics. I ended up doing most of that homework at my apartment before I left. I like to let my mind wander at the library, so I didn't want to waste time on actual work. So backwards. But I eventually went and got a cozy seat next to the window. I read physics and almost fell asleep (embarrassing in front of my fellow regulars!)

But then my friend John showed up and everything was much more interesting! It was really great talking to him. We talked about all kinds of stuff, mutual friends, art, school, janx, music, everything. I had a lot of fun.

and now I'm up late. I wish I had a bike.

I wish I could go riding down the middle of the street with my arms up over my head.

The Way I See It # 358

Last night was awesome. I had so much fun!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

La Voie Je La Vois # 357

J'étudié pour mon examen français demain, et bien que je sois fatigué, moi suis déterminé à obtenir un "A". Aujourd'hui était un jour trés facile. J'ai fait une présentation de groupe dans la classe française, et mon laboratoire de physique était assez facile. j'ai obtenu un "99" a la report; j'étais trés huereux de voir cela.

l'inscription en français est difficile !

J'ai pensé que j'aurais des 100 sur l'examen d'histoire d'art, mais
j'ai seulement obtenu des 93 !


I'm studying for my French exam tomorrow, and while I am tired, I am determined to get an "A". Today was very easy. I had a group presentation in French, and my physics lab was easy as well. I got a "99" on my lab report, so I was happy to see that.

Writing in french is difficult!

I thought I would get a "100" on my art history exam, but I only got a 93!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Way I See It # 356

Damn I'm posting like nobody's business!

I'm wired. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I only just finished my homework, or maybe it's because I'm a habitual nocturnal blogger. I said once, in a blog, that I enjoyed being awake while everyone else was asleep. I guess I liked the privacy. It's not the same anymore, however, living on my own like I am. My other blinds fell down the other night, so now I am completely exposed in my bathroom except for the sheer white draperies that hang in the windows. I need a solution like AOII needs members. hahahaha, oh wait.

Besides the blinds falling down, there have been some odd noises outside my windows late at night. It's been the third night in a row that I've woken up in the middle of the night from frightening visions of people breaking into my apartment, stealing my things.... and other terrifying experiences. I need to snap out of it.

Maybe that's why I'm wired.

More likely it is the alluring stacks of Study Abroad pamphlets laying next to my feet at the end of the bed. I have yet to pour over these books and contemplate where I'm going to be Traveling. I put down my address for a brochure about Study Abroad in Africa at the Study Abroad Fair today. It looked really good. England is looking good right now, and I'm thinking about something that ties in Art history, Anthropology, and French. I guess France would be a good choice. I can't imagine spending a whole semester in France. It would be terrifying, but exciting. Senegal and Morocco are my choices for studying both anthropology and French in Africa, but my options are open, although my wallet definitely isn't.

Speaking of money, I'm REALLY GLAD that I didn't invest in the stock market when I was going to. Jesus Christ. Not that I would have invested in Insurance firms, but who knows what Dad would have told me was a good idea. I wonder if he has (had) any stocks in Lehman Brothers or AIG....?

time to read more study abroad manuals and put off sleeping so that I totally regret it tomorrow in my 3 hour lab!

The Way I See It # 355

Shafer= bad idea after all. That shit made me feel so sick!

also, after the break half-way through my Urban Planning class, almost the entire class left! I stayed behind, and I'm glad I did. I got some serious blogging done. :)

The Way I See it # 354

I'm sitting in Urban Planning right now and have been zoning out the entire time. My professor just turned on all the lights and wants us to do group work. laughable. I want to leave at break, but I'm scared to because I feel like my professor has been watching me all night and will wonder where I went. I haven't eaten yet tonight.... I guess I can go to shafer for dinner, but I kind of don't want to. I don't want to eat at home because all I have there are frozen dinners and salsa. Not a bad option, but kind of depressing.

I could order in......

actually.... that doesn't sound like a bad idea. or I could meander on over to W. Grace and get some take out. That might be even better. I didn't even think about that.

this will take some more thinking I believe.

maybe Shafer is a better idea. It's close, I can get a salad, it's easy. I think I'll just do that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Way I See It # 353

My article at The Commonwealth Times can be found here

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Way I See It # 352

I feel so sick right now.

Well, I am literally sick, sniffling and such. I took some dayquil, but that only helped a little. I wanted to do all this stuff today, but most importantly I wanted to do laundry. Turns out I don't have change right now to do it, so fuck my life.

Between being sick and doing this sorority stuff all weekend, which eventually didn't work out, I'm exhausted, and I have more homework to do. I have french to finish up, and I also have to shower and do my hair.

I have to study for my Art History exam.

I wish I had gone home. I miss my mom, I miss being home, I miss Sid, and I miss feeling like everything is ok. Now everything is bad. Because I'm a Polly Pessimistic, I think I should make a list to put things in perspective

1. Sid
2. I'm sick
3. I didn't get into the sorority I wanted
4. I don't have money for laundry
5. I have an art history exam on Tuesday that I really need to study for
6. I feel gross
7. My favorite dress didn't fit me when I tried it on last night. (it is now hanging up as encouragement).
8. All of my songs on iTunes remind me of Sid.
9. Unfortunately I can now relate to my favorite Musical, The Last 5 Years.
10. My apartment is a mess, but I'm too exhausted to clean
11. I have french homework, by my headache makes it almost impossible to concentrate
12. I didn't get to go out with Michele this weekend.
13. The fruit I bought at the store went bad. So did the milk. I'm scared everything will go bad.

I don't know what I'm expecting to happen.
What would Carrie Bradshaw do?

The Way I See It # 351

I went back today for my "preference day" and found that only 1 sorority had called me back, and they just...... were not for me. I didn't like them, it was a struggle to hold conversation, and they seemed to think that I was completely ready to pledge and be a part of their organization, but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess. Oh well.

+2 experience points for having the balls to try out!

The Way I See It # 350

Naturally, I woke up early for "preference day"

I had trouble sleeping. I kept having weird dreams, my apartment was hot, and I wasn't comfortable. Plus, I'm sick, so that never helps. I have a shitload of homework to do, and I don't know when I'm going to do it.

I have to think about this sorority thing! I need to really think about whether or not I can afford it, and whether or not this is something I really want to do.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Way I See It # 345


My friend, the lovely and vivacious red head, Emma is starting up a new blog!

It's number one in the favorite Roasts!

check it ouuuttttt

The Way I See It # 349

Today, as I waited for my friends Evan and Allison, I picked up The Commonwealth Times and saw that on the Front Page under "Opinion" it read "Physical Frustration", getting excited I opened to the page.

I was published! I was so pleasantly surprised! I had seen Sarah, the Opinion Editor, the other day and she said that she had liked the article, but I had no idea that it had been published!

+5 Experience points!

The Way I See It #348

I just posted in this blog, but I need to write more.

I am miserable.
I have never been so upset, sad, angry in my life.
It's always in the back of my mind.The love of my life broke up with me, and ended this relationship we've had for two years. He says he didn't want to end it, but that's what happened. All I want is to be with Sid and be happy and have it be like old times, but I don't know if that's possible. I begged him not to break up with me, and we tried it out, but then things just didn't work out. I know we're both to blame for things souring, but right now I don't think I can handle this anymore. I don't know what to do.

I'm at an impasse.
I miss Sid.

The Way I See It # 347

Last night was extremely exhausting.

It was round 1 of the recruitment process, and the way it went down was like this:
I got there at 5 and the "Parties" started at 5:30. Alphabetically formed into groups we visit a party for each sorority every 20 minutes. Before the first party I felt sort of out of place. The director of the Panhellenic Council at VCU is a very.... ditsy.... woman. She dumbs herself down to relate to us "Girlies" and makes generalizations about the female sex. I don't really like her. Before my first party at Phi Mu I grab a mint (Which they provided an generous amounts) and waited around in the Commons Theatre. Everyone else seemed to think it was natural to bring their entire make-up drawer. I suddenly felt nervous. Did I look okay? I forgot to brush my teeth.... Was this really going to be as exhausting as they said it was going to be?

Parties: A room where the Sorority sets up posters about Sisterhood, Scholarship, Socials, and Philanthropy, and where you mingle with sisters and are intoduced to everyone. Usually there is a slideshow, extremely loud chanting, and singing/crying of the already initiated sisters.

Time to get in my group for the Phi Mu party.
I get in line, and it turns out I'm dead fucking last. not a bad thing, because now I'll remember where I am. The Director talks to us like children and begs us to remember the first letter of our last names, I want to tell her that I have a Brain and she can stop talking already.
I'm behind a little girl (Literally, she looks like she's 10) named Ha (she's asian). I don't know what crawled up her ass, but she was uptight the entire night. making fun of everyone, calling people stupid, and bashing all of the sororities but one (AOPi). She also is trying to convince me that she parties it up all weekend and gets fabulous grades. She does all of her homework on Friday night before 11 and then goes out and gets "faced". I don't believe her. I say "It's unusual that people do their homework on a friday, Sunday is the day to study", and then she said, "Well, I get really good grades." and I said, "So do I. and I only study on Sunday."

I don't know if I like her.

I was glad that I wasn't the only sophomore, but it turns out that I was only 1 of 2 girls that are majoring in Anthroplogy. Actually..... more about that later.

Phi Mu was intense, loud, and Pink. But the girls was awesome and really wanted to know about me and what I was interested in. They kept saying "Get it Girl!" when I talked about my major and what I want to do with my life. I liked them a lot, I met almost everyone, but they're the most expensive, and since I'm presumably paying for it all, I don't think it's an affordable choice for me.

The next group was ASA.
I hated them. I thought I would actually like them, but oh my god.
Me: "I'm a sophomore, and I'm majoring in Anthropology"
ASA Girl: "What? Sorry.... I don't think I heard that"
Me: "Anthropology"
ASA Girl: "Oh.... I don't even know what that is!"
Me: "It's the study of people"
ASA Girl: "Oh... That sounds.... interesting. Let me Intoduce you to Bri"
BRi: "Hi! I'm Bri! What are you studying?"
Me: "Hi, I'm Lisa, I'm Studying Anthropology"
Bri: "Oh my god, what even is that?"

That hardest part about ASA was that they had nothing to say. I would say my name, major, and where I'm living, and then they would not say anything, and just move me to another person.
Ew ick.

AOPi was next. They're are brand new, and this year's pledge class will be the first. While they were very nice, and said some interesting stuff about scholarship and showed me a pin that you get if you have the Highest GPA (A pin with rubies and pearls! Suck it!), they seemed desperate for members, so they didn't rank very high on my list.

Throughout the night every sorority had a sister that would link arms with you and walk with you to your seat, so I figured AOPi would do the same, but they apparently didn't and it turned into an awkward gross handshake. :/

Alpha Gamma Delta was next.
They were smart, interesting, funny, wanted to hear what I had to say, and were just like me. I couldn't believe how well I got along with everyone. They have the highest GPA in the whole Panhellenic community so they can balance sister stuff with school work, and they do really fun shit that I want to do. They aren't too expensive, but they have payment plans that are workable.
I loved it. Definitely made the top of my list.

Next was Alpha Epsilon Phi, the Jewish Sorority.
I loved the girls, but this one just wasn't for me. I've met all of them before at the Jewish Frat, so I want to move into other circles.

Next was Sigma Sigma Sigma
So there's a lot of bad rep about Tri Sig, and understandable, the head of recruitment that I met last night was definitely that girl at that one Basketball game (!!!). But the girl I had was really really nice, and so were all the other girls. And because of that I put them in the middle rank.

Phi Sigma Sigma.
Boring. SO BORING. Ugh, I had heard bad things from girls who had gone to that party earlier in the night, and they were right. All the girls spoke softly, looked dull, and didn't impress me. Just not for me. They were just before ASA at the bottom of my list.

I was so exhausted by the end. It's hard to hold a smile straight for 30 minutes 7 times, and by the end of the night I felt my cheek twitching. I hadn't eaten, and it was hard because you were standing the whole time.

But it was better than I had expected. Today is the second round, starting at 1 pm, so I have about 2 hours. It's the Philanthropy round where we will be "crafting" and making something for a charity. This may be tie dye, or something of that nature. I guess I should wear old clothes. I only visit four sororities today as the elimination continues, and only 2 tomorrow, and then I pick which one I want tomorrow afternoon. I have to remember that I have homework to do! Fuck!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Way I See it # 346

I am dead.

The Way I See It # 345

I'm sick. My throat is sore, I have the sniffles, snus pressure, a head ache.... it sounds like the common cold. I'm taking meds, but this week blows. I have sorority orientation tonight at 7 so I hope I'm feeling slightly better for that. I don't think it's fancy, just an information session.

I had physics lab today and it was long, but I always expect that class to be terrible, but it's not. Probably because the people I sit with are really nice.

I didn't go to french because I felt so terrible. I should write Kone an email explaining the situation. I did do the homework though, so.... I have class tomorrow (Unusual because Fridays we usually have off), so I can talk to him then.

I'm definitely not ready for ths busy weekend with a cold and TTOTM, but I'll push through it.

In other news, my life sucks right now.

c'est la vie.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Way I See It # 344

I was supposed to read all day, and instead I shopped online. I mean, the reading IS due tomorrow, so I can always read tonight. And do that quiz. Hmmm.... fuck.

I have a sorority recruitment meeting tonight at 7:30 where we're going to introduce ourselves and do ice breakers and stuff like that. I hope it goes well.

I actually think I'll start reading now..... I got myself all worried.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Way I See It # 343

I'm not going to update on how I'm doing. I will say, however, that I'm doing ok, and that's all I'll say.

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom and we went to short pump. It was nice, and the weather was gorgeous. I'm glad she came down, I really miss her. Hopefully I'll be able to visit christina within the next month or so because she really wants me to visit the Burg. I'm excited to meet her friends and see the Russian House where she's living. Does VCU have language dorms? That would be sweet.

After Mom left I caught up with Sara and we watch the trainwreck that was the VMAs (What the fuck was that?) After that I came home and talked to Abby on the phone until almost 2 in the morning. I really miss her. I'm glad we could talk, but we got disconected at the end. I did all of my homework, and then I made a new blog.


it's a blog for me to post pictures of the things I love. I dont think guys will like it, but it's mostly for myself and another way to keep busy.

I have French today, Physics, and Linguistics. I have to finish my readings before linguistics.
I have to get ready for the day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Way I See It # 342

I guess I have to write this.

Sid and I broke up last night.

I don't know what to write here, or what not to write here.

I'm sorry, vagueness always sucks.

Life is going to be really hard for a while.

I hope we're right.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Way I See It # 341: Article # 1

I guess you could say it all started in elementary school.
Remember that kid that was always dead last running the mile? That was me.
Remember me either:
A. Struggling to breath
B. Clinging to another child to cross the finish line
C. Crying
D. All of the above.
In my defense, it was never easy being told to run four laps in
jeans and a sweatshirt. All right, so there were kids that managed to run outrageously faster than me wearing the same attire, but whatever. My point is that being an incredibly poor athlete at the age of 9 didn’t say much about my physical ability later in life. The mile was something I always dreaded, and in high school I had all kinds of kids who played sports in my P.E class. And they played sports…. For fun. What was this nonsense? While my lack of interest in chasing a ball or climbing a rope isolated me into feeling like maybe I was missing out, it also caused my gym grade to plummet. While I made up for it with extra credit… I had to wonder: Was there a sport I could like?
Enter my gusto to actually try at sports. My first attempt? All the
popularly acclaimed “Hot girls” at my high school tried out for field hockey, so naturally, accepting the fact that I was (ahem) one of these “hot girls” (laughable!), and, you know, it looked like fun, I took a summer camp in the sport. While the experience with teamwork, learning from an actual coach, and meeting other girls was beneficial, that’s about all that was. Two bruised thumbs, losing the “championship” between the teams competing in the camp, and actually realizing that my sarcastic sense of humor wasn’t something that everyone could appreciate, I realized that Hockey wasn’t for me. Maybe the deciding moment was when another girl named Lisa happened to be the best player on our team, and I was the worst. “Not THAT Lisa, THAT Lisa is awesome!” was a little too much to bear. Sport number 1, down.
Instead of actual sports I turned my attention to theatre and
improv sports, But when I ended my high school days and moved on to college I suddenly reawakened with the desire to get fit. After all, Seigle Center was free! I no longer had an excuse to not go to the gym. And after a couple of days with 2 helpings of Shafer at every meal, I was just about ready to go run a mile voluntarily to make up for it.
Instead of wanting to be a part of a sports team, I focused my interests an achieving something better: an Olympic-worthy figure (okay, so maybe not that extreme). Not that anyone truly needs the perfect, and not that I am obsessive compulsive with the idea, but I figured going to the gym a couple times a week would be awesome, and I’d look fabulous. I would discipline and how to train my body into a calorie burning machine
This story is a tragic one. When I first walked into Seigle I was immediately intimidated. I guess the thought that people who go to the gym actually know what they’re doing never occurred to me. Playing it safe, I stuck to the Elliptical (only for 30 minutes!) and kept my head down. But going to the gym wasn’t just doing something to pass the time, it was relaxing. I had never imagined exercising as a way of relaxing. There I could listen to music, read magazine, and think about stuff. After a week or so I decided to do one of the group exercise classes that Seigle offers; Body Sculpting was the class I chose. Let’s just say that I couldn’t walk properly for a week. The stairs to my classes were torture, and even getting out of my XL twin bed was an exercise in frustration. Needless to say, I didn’t go back the gym for the rest of semester. Cycling through bouts of enthusiasm about going to the gym, I managed to work my way in and out of Seigle every couple of weeks or so, just so I could feel that I was reaching my quota for the month. This process doesn’t exactly get you the body you want.
Maybe I just need to admit to myself that I’m not that kind person who exercises all the time. I guess if I was, I would have been that person at the age of 9, and I might have enjoyed running the mile. But progressing as an athlete isn’t the same as progressing as a person, and the more I think about it, it would probably do me better to be obsessed about becoming a better person. I’ll just leave out the extra helpings of Shafer from now on.

feedback welcome....?

The Way I See It # 340


I went out to dinner with my friend Dani last night. She's a really sweet girl. Sometimes a little too sweet. she's too trusting and puts too much into relationships. She literally throws herself at the feet of any guy she's involved with. I feel bad for her, because it usually means that she gets trampled. Dinner was nice, though, we went to "Roxy's" on Main street in Uptown, and then to "Mezza" right next door for some awesome ice cream. I found out that Mezza is also a hookah bar, but it was deserted on a Friday night, I guess a lot of people don't know it's there. I wonder how much the hookah costs....

It's raining like a bitch outside. I left Sid's this morning, and only once I was halfway home did I realize that I had left my phone at his apartment. I walked all the way back, and then all the way to my apartment completely soaked and hot due to the sweater, sweatshirt, scarf combination I was wearing to stay dry. I don't think I'll do that again.

I'm trying to come up with some articles to write for the Commonwealth Times. Maybe I'll do that today. Just start writing and see what I come up with.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Way i See it # 338

because it's my secret pleasure to peruse the blogs online, I searched "Richmond Blogs" through google. I found one that I'm really starting to like. "Jack Goes Forth" is a blog written by a 25 year old bartender working the Richmond area. His blog focuses on bar life, dealing with U of R students, and the antics of the bar scene.

I'm putting it into "My Favorite Roasts." Definitely check it out if you have liking of drinking, Richmond, bartending, etc.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Way I See It # 337: (Or, "#336 REVAMPED")

I discovered Wordle- a site that creates an image of the words in a piece of text. I used it on "The Way I See It # 336"

The Way I See It # 336

I'm up to my eyeballs in vocabulaire francaise, I have a whole chapter in urban planning to read that I will probably finish tomorrow, The linguistics readings I had made very little sense, and I think I'm actually being challenged. C'est tres bien, je pense. Today was Sid and I's anniversaire, 22 months to be exact. Nous sommes sortis au dîner à "l'éléphant thaï" and had a great time! I had wonton soup, and it tasted just like my favorite back home at Tara Thai, and the fried rice. After dinner we got Ben and Jerry's ice cream from 7-11 and went to my apartment to hang out. It was a really lovely evening, I really enjoyed myself. :)

I'm trying to think up articles to write for the CT, does anyone have any good ideas?

Also, Evan has a blog now! You can find it in my "Favorite Roasts" under the link "logic laser: Welcome To My World"

The Way I See It # 335

So I called my mom yesterday to talk about my day and see what she was up to, and I ended up talking to my Dad on the phone, which was fine. He says that he might come down to Richmond this weekend for a motorcycle ride with me, so I guess that might be nice. At the end of the conversation I asked him if he had paid the rent, and he said, "Yeah, i think I paid it on the 15th, let me check." So he's checking and I'm back on the phone with my mom, and it's taking him a while to find the copy of the check he used.

turns out he didn't pay the rent.

apparently the email I had sent him with the details of how the rent should be paid was just html code when he got it, and instead of emailing me back to find out what it was about, he put it aside and ignored it.

so he tells me that I need to write a check for the rent and give it to my landlord, and he'll reimburse me. I don't have checks, so this throws a big wrench into the situation. I have to go down to the Bank of America on Broad and get a cashiers check. It's only when he finds out that I have to get a cashiers check, and pay for it, and that he grows a pair and decides to overnight one to the landlord.

And I was just a few days ago wondering if I should send him a reminder email. Jeeze

I'm rushing for a sorority! I'm both nervous and excited. I never thought I would join one, but I think it will be interesting. And please don't tell me that it's a bad idea, I've already been hearing that from Coppola and other people. The weekend of is going to be busy, I didn't realize how planned and organized it was. I have to get dressed up, and participate in activities, and it's definitely going to be different!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Way I See It # 334

I have a lot to recap, so I'll step back to Saturday. Sid and I visited his cousin Maria in Hanover County. She lives really close to us, so it was nice to get away from VCU for a day. Maria isn't actually Sid's cousin, she is his mother's cousin, so I guess that means she is a second cousin? Kinship terminology was never my thing, so I'll just continue. Maria has two daughters, Cassie, and Lauren, and her husband... Eric...? is off in Kuwait working at a military hospital. Sid originally went over to do some housework for her, but we ended up watching the Virginia Tech game (She's a hokie herself) and chatting about school and what's been going on in their lives. One of the best parts about visiting was seeing all of the family's pictures from their travels. They've moved around the world following Eric's duties, and they recently lived in Italy. They had pictures from vacations to Sicily, Rome, Greece, Egypt, etc. Sid and I were salivating. Their computer room/office area was covered in souvenirs from their trip to Egypt and I just about fell over. It only made me want to get up and go, just like Sid had been feeling a little while ago. Cassie gave me a scarab shaped blue bead which they keep a lot of to hand out to visitors to the house. I think I make it into a necklace.... the color is so pretty. Eventually I'll travel to such places, and I'm simultaneously looking up study abroad programs as I write this blog entry (it's been unsuccessful so far). We had dinner with Maria's parents, Uncle Harry and Aunt Shirly to Sid, and we had a spaghetti dinner. Sid is really fond of Uncle Harry and Aunt shirly, and they're really nice people. I found out that they both volunteer for the Archaeological Society of Virginia, which was cool. Mysteriously, they didn't have much to say about it.

When we got back to VCU I went to Michele's to hang out and play "Catch-phrase" (SUCH A GOOD GAME), and I had a redbull/rum, which I didn't mind then... but definitely minded later. Sara Wax and I went back to Sid's where he was having a party and had a pretty good time.

Yesterday Sid and I and a bunch of the guys from the 15th floor went to Belle Isle. It was nice, except the part when John tried to swim to a rock, and instead was swept away by the current. When everyone saw that he wasn't going to make it, a bunch of the guys jumped in after him. Everyone was fine, except for bumbs and bruises. Out of anyone, Sid's roommate Brendan got the worst of it, he was pulled by the current through a tunnel in the rock. T-Cal smashed his head on a rock and has a huge welt, John was fine, Chuck was mostly fine, but that river was intense! I am beyond relieved that no one was seriously hurt, and that Sidney didn't jump in! On the way back from Belle Isle I was almost attacked by a dog walking by. SO LAME. Yesterday wasn't the best day. That night we went over to Kate's apartment from a triple pasta dinner and after that we smoked hookah, which was actually a good ending to the night. I was pretty exhausted from Belle Isle though. We went down W. Grace (sketchy.... but not!) to intercept Michele so she wouldn't walk back from a party by herself. We were hanging out at Sid's for a while after that, and then Sid and I went back to my place. Not a bad day.

I think I'm going to make a list of things to do before I turn 20. I'm not going to be a teenager anymore, so why not create a list of things to do before the end of the year? I'm going to think about it and then write it up on here.

As for today, I'm reading Urban Planning chapters and practicing French vocabulaire.