Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Way I See It # 563

I'm broke.

This is a sad fact.
I went job hunting and it was largely unsuccessful, but I did manage to turn applications into two places, and I'm hoping SOMETHING works out.

Tomorrow= work 8-12, job hunting after, gym

Zane comes back to Richmond tomorrow! YES.

I just remembered I'm broke.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Way I See It # 562

SUMMER GOAL '09: Get in shape/drop a few

  • Gym everyday: one and a half hours in the morning.
  • Elliptical programs: "Intervals" and "weight loss"
  • combined total calories burned= 800+
800 cal/day=5,600/week=22,400/month

3,500 cal= 1 lb

22,400/3,500= 6.4 (lbs) per month.

so in one month, on this gym regimen, I should expect to lose 6 lbs.

Here's hoping I have the will power and determination!

The Way I See It # 561

I sometimes find myself feeling in a bit of a funk every once and a while. It usually happens when I've suddenly become very overwhelmed, so here I am again in a funk. I probably won't go out tonight due to the fact that there are so many things on my mind.

These things include:
1. My dirty apartment
My apartment has been driving me wild for a long time, and I think tonight is the night to both deal with the mess around me, and the one going on inside my head.

2. Apartment Hunting
I finally found the perfect apartment, in the perfect location, for the perfect price, and because My father wants to play hardball, I'm forced to continue my search. I'm exhausted from looking for/at apartments, and I'm frustrated that I've done everything he has asked, and he still makes it difficult. Also, suddenly 2 bdr. apartments at a reasonable price/location have gone off the radar on Craigslist.

3. Job Hunting
I haven't found another job yet. I'm awaiting word from VCU Creative Services, and I'm getting super nervous.

Those three things, amongst millions of other problems that have been sprouting up in my mind lately, are clouding my "mind's eye" and I just can't shake it.

The Way I See It # 560

Not to sound Gay or anything.

But I think Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman alive.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Way I See It # 559

So After a productive day of seeing apartments, my gym aspirations seemed to have vanished. I'm sitting here, enjoying the sounds of rain and a cold box of Little Caesar's Cheesy Bread and a refreshing glass of orange soda. Gasp, what has become of my gym aspirations! What always happens, I get distracted by food, and it rains, and suddenly going to the gym seems rather stupid.

I mentioned a productive day of seeing apartments. I saw an apartment on Grove that I think would be excellent, and I'm trying to sign my name on the dotted line. The girl who lives there was recognizable.... but to reveal her true identity would both make me rather creepy, and let a little more information than necessary go through the interwebz.

I hope I can jump on this. Having a place and no longer worrying about it will let me get to my other business of finding a job. VCU Creative Services has yet to call me back, and I'm getting worried. I'll give them until Monday, but then it's another phone call to add to the mix.

I thought about wandering in to Cous Cous and seeing if they had an positions available. I just really hate working in a restaurant. Would bartending be any different? I'm thinking not. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and see what's going on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Way I See It # 558

After seeing some recent photos of myself from last weekend combined with doing a weigh-in at the gym today, I'm starting to think it's a good idea that I'm working out again. Today I did a pretty good workout, 1.5 hours on the elliptical. Since it only takes 3500 calories burned to lose a pound, that's 500 a day. Seeing as I burned over 800 today, I think this is doable. I just have to stick to it.

so tomorrow I'll be hitting the gym again. Ohhhh boy.

The Way I See It # 557

Today was a somewhat productive day. I had a Little Caesar's feast with Zane before he leaves tomorrow for California (I am unbelievably jealous), I took a great power nap, I went to the gym and scorched over 800 calories on the elliptical machine, and I also called and made appointments to see more apartments at the Chesterfield and also at an apartment on Grove. Hopefully I will find the perfect place tomorrow.

I just want this to be done with... geez.

I'm currently snacking on trail mix I bought at the book store. It is now a personal pleasure since I can't really (and don't want to) eat mixed nuts around Zane. This is a good one, it has cranberries, almonds, cashews, peanuts, and chocolate pieces. MMmmmMMM

I bought shoes online today. I need another paycheck. I need another job. I think I'm going to be getting an interview with VCU Creative Services in the near future. I need to nail it. I haven't had an interview in several years, however. I hope it goes well, I need this job.

At B&N I literally wrote "Work Me To Death" as my availability for June. I wonder if they will take it to heart?

The Way I See It # 556: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Unfortunate Event # 1:

As Lisa was absentmindedly doing her makeup and listening to Ratatat ("Lex", if you want to be specific), she realized that her black eyeliner had wandered out of sight. Unable to find it, she resorted to plunging her hand into her makeup bag to scramble around for it.

Fast forward to 5 seconds later, Lisa is cursing loudly and running her hand under running water. She has sliced her hand on a misplaced razor.

How unfortunate.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Way I See It # 555

I just made dinner.

I repeat. I just made dinner.

I don't cook, anyone who knows me knows that cooking is one of the things I never got around to doing. It was Kara's things, scary, and wasn't necessary for me to learn in high school. But now, living in Richmond for the summer, things are changing, and change tastes good.

I'm starting a couple of my goals for the summer tomorrow. I plan on hitting the gym sometime (I'm already slipping) tomorrow. The usual agenda to apartment hunt also continues.

I'm so tired of calling people and seeing apartments. I really hate moving/apartment hunting. I wish I had all the money in the world, that way this would be easy....

Currently watching Brian Regan. He's really funny, but only by inflection. A lot of comedians are like this. Dane Cook is like this, but Dane Cook kind of sucks. His material is comprised of saying things in a funny way and making up words.

I met Dane Cook once. You're damn right he remembers me.

Lately I've either chosen not to write on this blog, or what is happening at this moment occurs: everything I wanted to say is drained out of my brain. I'm notorious for ending my blog entries on a random, brief, and anti-climatic note.

Things I would like to do:
1. Underwater Archaeology Field School
2. Urban infiltration/exploration
3. Rock climbing
4. Spelunking
5. Road Trip

Wouldn't that be neat? Wouldn't that be fun?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Way I See It # 554

I guess it is a good thing I'm staying busy. I'm not sure how the boredom would work out here in Richmond.

This morning I'm seeing more apartments, I have to work from 1-5 and then I'm seeing more apartments after that.

I worked only 3 hours yesterday, but it was the worst three hours I have ever worked. I had to do a bunch of transactions that I had never done before, and when I called the cash room for help everyone's tone indicated that they thought I was under qualified. I had a return for over $100 so it wiped my drawer, and when I asked for a loan, it took them half an hour to get it to me as I had to struggle with customers paying with cash.

I really hate working at the bookstore. Everyone talks down to me, I'm constantly being watched on the cameras, my manager always has an exasperated tone when she talks to me, and I feel like all I have done is tried my best.

I hope I find another job soon, because I can't stand the bureaucracy of that place.

(OBVIOUSLY these are not the views of my employer and are solely my own)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Way I See It # 553

I am currently apartment hunting for my next place. The process is slow, stressful, and all together a huge pain in my ass. I have a budget, I have things I want, and I like working alone or with my mom, or possibly with a future roommate. What I don't need is a friend who consistently says they hope I get a great place, especially since all the other places are probably snatched up by now. Or that all the good places are gone. I don't need someone that sends me craigslist postings telling me "Oh, I know it's expensive, but I just absolutely love it" (it was $100 over my budget without including utilities) or "If you got another roommate, this would be great." (A 4 bedroom house, when I don't even have one solid roommate yet).

I saw those craigslist ads and did not pursue them for a reason. I don't need your meddling, and while I understand that you're bored in Northern Virginia, why don't you call to hang out instead of throwing this apartment shit in my face? I don't care that you got a "Fantastic" deal, and really I could give a fuck about who you think I should live with.

Suck it, hard core.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Way I See It # 552

My Thursday nights are usually comprised of either 1. working, 2. romping about Richmond in the early hours of the evening with Michele (Which usually consists of finding Mexican food places down Broad St., Buying things at Target, or zooming around Richmond listening to either "foux de fa fa" or "Wildcat") 3. Spending time with Zane, and playing with the Kittens, and 4. the obvious appearance/socializing at Guild.

However tonight is different. Here I am, sitting in bed wearing a fleecy robe I was given as a Christmas gift an obscene number of years ago. It is navy in color, but this is hard to tell from all the lint that has accumulated on it. It's broken in, it is warm, it smells weird, and I never used to like it, but being home now without much to wear for bedtime, this robe is a comfort, and I'm going to bring it back with me to Richmond. I often avoid wearing a fore mentioned robe because, once again, it is fleece, and this shit is a bitch to clean without somewhat electrocuting yourself.

I'm in bed, dozing off. I had to relocate from my mom's room because I was a threat to her comforter. My mother recently bought a new bedspread, and she become morally offended if anything remotely stain-inducing approaches the bed. So me approaching with a delicious ice cream cone (Drumsticks) was the exact thing she could shoo away. Also there is the fact that I was actively (or passively?) falling asleep on her bed made for a red flag that I should head to MY room and get out of HER room. I'm exaggerating, but then again I'm not.

So I am back, and I'm blogging about stupid things wishing I was at guild where I would be enjoying good music, a good 40, and good people.

But instead I'm here in an old robe, surrounded in the atomic bomb that is my bedroom, half-awake with ice cream on my face.


Monday, May 11, 2009

The Way I See It # 551: Blog of Note

Okay, okay, this blog is not one of Blogger's Blogs of Note, BUT on May 1st it was a relevant blog that had the honor of receiving such a title! documents/ed the musings of Noah Scalin, an artist who one day decided to make a skull a day for an entire year. That year has come and gone and blog posts daily renditions of fan art related to skulls and to Noah Scalin's art.

I thought this was really cool. What was even cooler was when I found out, through the blog, that some of his 365 Skulls will be in a show right here in Richmond from July 3-August 22 at Quirk Gallery (311 W. Broad St.) Imagine my excitement when I found out that he not only is based in Richmond, but also developed a class on socially conscious design for Virginia Commonwealth University!

you can read more about Noah Scalin here, and visit his blog here.

The Way I See It # 550

Starbucks is great. I like it a lot, but it's really predictable, in a bad way. The music is always this generic smooth jazz and recognizable Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong (just like Barnes and Noble), the products they offer encourage you to be at peace with yourself, such as a journal that has daily reminders to be kind to yourself and make that extra effort to be a good human being. The place always smells the same, the sounds are the same, the people are the same, and in Nothern Virginia it's moms who constantly gush about their children, old people, and little kids knocking things over while they clutch their milk boxes (Which Starbucks so generously provides for 'little ones').

However, I had gotten a lot done, as it is apparent that while sitting in this type of place I get a lot of work done. Maybe that is false, and it's just the caffeine that is making me more productive. Sometimes I wonder how much I would get done if I actually took a focus drug, like aderal or Ritalin. We sell something called "Nodoze" at the bookstore which is basically caffeine pills. I know a lot of kids who take Aderal and other things to help them focus/study, but I'm sure that they all have ADHD or ADD. I don't, which is probably why I've never encountered focus aids.

That was off topic, what I meant to write was that I've been productive and I have been apartment hunting all morning. I'm going to see apartments next monday, which is a great first start. Even if kara doesn't come to VCU I'm still going to get an apartment. I guess if she doesn't come to Richmond I can join someone else in a apartment... I didn't even think about joining in on an apartment rather than getting one and finding a roommate.

I don't know my plan for the rest of the day. I've been here less than 24 hours, and I'm already stumped as to what to do. Last night I got dessert with Zane, as our time in Nova overlapped for one night. It was nice, we went to Amphora and then did some exploring. I climbed a tree over in one of the office parks. I think I'll go back there sometime. He also showed me a new artist studio down near the caboos which was neat, though it was closed. It is also a coffee shop. I might wander over there sometimes this week as well.

I thought about heading over to Tysons to shop around, but honestly I don't have the money. I feel like there is so much I need to buy, but I just don't have the funds for anything. Once I get back to Richmond my two main goals will be to land another job somewhere and to get an apartment squared away. And get in shape.

I want the leg magic. (maybe I am ADD). I heard it works, and I'm a sucker for exercise equipment that looks easy. Like I said I have no money. Anyone want to pitch in and get one?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Way I See It # 549

Wow I fucking hate Youtube.

In other news, I'm sitting around waiting to go home, and I'm pretty excited to see Mom and Kara. I've cleaned my apartment, for the most part, and I have my windows open because it's such a lovely day.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Way I See It # 548

I just got back from the Jackie-O. So many people were there, it was insane. It was Shane and Ganesh's 21st birthdays, so it was a fun night. Surprisingly, Coppola was there! We caught up and talked about our semesters and what's been going on in our lives. It was really awesome to see an old friend. We found out we're both in a class next semester, and I can honestly say I'm pretty excited for that. Having another class with prof. Abse is one thing, but having another friend in there too? That's going to be awesome.

Buut other than that the place was PACKED. So many people there I had no idea who they were or how they knew anyone. but I did see some familiar faces, and I talked with Colleen for a while. I really like her, we don't really hang out much but she wants to, and I'm definitely going to take her up on it. I don't really have a lot of girl friends, so the more the merrier!

I'm still thinking about tattoos... dun dun dunnn.... I don't know if it will ever happen, but looking at pictures and semi-planning one is fun and takes up some of my free time. I've even thought about replicating the design I want into a henna tattoo. I think that would just be a fun project, and I could see if I liked having something on my skin, however temporary. Though the design I really want would be way too complicated for me to replicate on my own, I would definitely need some help...

In other news, I talked to my friend Brendan the other day and it was really great. He's doing a collaborative art project that I'm interested in participating in and so we talked a little bit about that and caught up on our lives and such (this seems to be a reoccuring theme). I'm excited about this project. He's going to make a graphic novel/narrative about childhood memories of the American people. So he's asking all of his friends to contribute a story for him to draw and put together into a book. I love the idea, and I'm excited to start writing my story.

I need to get some sleep.
Nova in the morning!

The Way I See It # 547

So today is my first real day of summer vacation. Well, that's a lie, because my final paper was due on Thursday, BUT I'm here at my apartment by myself with nothing to do-- the mark of summer vacation.

My exams and everything ended, obviously, and I was surprised and ecstatic to find that I received an A in my french class. I really, truly, thought I was going to get a B and I was fine with that. So I am so pleased, and this means I might actually get a 4.0, which would be wonderful. Why? Because this semester kicked my ass, it really did, and if I get a 4.0 it would be completely amazing. I think my mom has been waiting around for school to kick my butt, so this should be good.

As for today I've been apartment hunting all morning, but alas, none of the real estate agencies are open on Saturdays. Figures that would happen on the one day I've been in my apartment without having to rush off to work.

Tomorrow I'm going back up to Northern Virginia for about a week to spend some time at home, and I'll also be driving down to Williamsburg to help Christina move out. Should be some nice quality time with the family.

My agenda for the day includes watching The Girls Next Door (currently happening at this moment), making up lists of things I need to buy in Nova, and also cleaning up my apartment. Due to exam week, my apartment has been shamefully neglected and now it's time to get down to some major cleaning.

I've got to figure out something to fill up my time this summer. I think that most of my time will be spent either working or at the river. Which I certainly don't mind, but I think it might be nice to also have a goal. I would like to go to the gym more, especially since its free for the summer. I think I'll take some classes and that will take up some of my time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Way I See It # 546

I think I was uncomfortable with that banner, but this new one seems to suit me just fine.

Tomorrow is a hectic day: 3 exams in a row from 8 AM to 4PM. I hope they all turn out well. I received my first final grade: an A in Archaeology. I was a bit worried, my teacher sent out a scary email about plagiarizing and how he was going to fail anyone that did so. Not that I Plagiarize, but sometimes I wonder if I cited everything after I turn in a paper.

Not only are there 3 exams tomorrow, but I'll also be heading down to UVA for Cinco De Mayo. I'm going to be exhausted, but it's a concert, so it should be fun.

I've been busy, all my friends are busy, Zane has been really busy, I can't wait until everything is over and the summer starts. I'm still applying for jobs, so that hasn't been too successful, but I think everything will be okay.

I need to dry my hair, stat.

The Way I See It # 545

So I think I will never be in a finals mind set. Even though i've been studying for days, I only just realized that i have an 8 AM final. That is insane. I don't think it will matter how much I have studied, I will never feel like I'm ready for a French exam. That's just the way it is. I could study all night and still be nervous. Secondly, I have a presentation right after! I have to make my cue cards! and then I still need to memorize a couple slides for my Art History exam. Seriously, I need to get my shit together.

I just need to remind myself, I'm done tomorrow.

The Way I See It # 544: Procrastinationnnn

Photo Credit: Fashion Squad

I love Lykke Li.

I'm also putting off studying for my French and Art History Exams tomorrow....

The Way I See It # 543

My G.R.A.C.E Art programs in elementary school failed me.

Edvard Munch?

it's pronounced "Moo-nk"

Edvard Moooooonk

goddamit G.R.A.C.E Art.