Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've decided to retire the whole "The Way I See It" title... I'd rather just make something up on the fly.

I haven't blogged between classes in a while, so here goes. Today started out quite wonderfully, and considering my state of stubborn chilliness in this fall weather, and my lack of adequate footwear/clothing at this exact moment, I would love to be back in bed snuggling and hitting the snooze button. That would just be the cat's meow, let me tell you. I can see that it's drizzling now, and I'm going to regret my walk to Art History in an hour or so, especially if it starts to rain a little more steadily.

I don't know what I'm going to do for Halloween. It sounds like people are headed to UVA, Zane included, but I wasn't planning on leaving Richmond for good old "Samhain" (pronounced: Saw-ane). I especially since hadn't asked Kara about it. Now I don't know what to do. If Kara doesn't want to go, I'm not sure I will either. And yet, I want to spend Halloween with Zane. I guess we'll see what happens.

Next week is comprised of full-blown studying. I'm taking the week off of work and focusing on academia for once, instead of the mighty dollar. Which reminds me, I need to check my Mint account.

Zane has me hooked on this financial website "Mint" where you can set up your accounts and see how much money you're spending. I'm currently $60 under budget, which is good.... right? I never knew how much I was spending in one month! I think I'm going to adjust my budgets. Definitely check it out if you have as much trouble managing your money as I do.

My Winter break has been neatly and precisely sorted out: I'll be working 2 weeks in RVA, Home for three weeks (including our cruise birthday extravaganza) and then back to RVA for a week of work before I get into the full swing of the semester. Estimated profit from working the 9-5 at $7.50= $900 for winter break. Not that bad, and probably the best I'll do considering how busy I will be.

I am going to love and hate winter break. I'm going to love working and being home, but that also means it's closer to January 5th, a date I'm not looking so forward to....

But having no school work to worry about will hopefully be as relaxing as I imagine it to be.

However, until winter break comes, I have a lot of work to do!
1. 4 internship applications to turn in for Summer 2010 (and maybe more...)
2. Finishing up all my classes
3. Saving monneeyyy
So many other things I can't think of....

Also, Halloween this weekend, kara's leaving the next weekend, Christina visits the weekend after, and then it's thanksgiving!

1. Archaeology paper due in 2 weeks
2. Art History paper due.... really soon!
3. Andean paper rewrite!
4. Modernism Test!!
5. French exam!
6. Ethnography paper!
7. Lecturing a class on Kinship in Anthro!
8. Possibly submitting a paper for the North American Archaeology conference?

I don't know how I'm going to handle all of it!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm The Girl That....

1. Takes too much pleasure in the feel of soft bed sheets
2. Occasionally washes her hands for 10 minutes just to relax.
3. Dislikes coffee/tea but loves hot chocolate
4. Worried her childhood dreams won't meet their expectations.
5. Frequently forgets her aspiration to be thinner, until she's halfway through a bag of Kitkats and can't seem to see the need to stop.
6. Wants to be effortlessly flexible
7. Is realizing that just because she is studying anthropology, it doesn't mean she is chained to a life of archaeological digs and begging for grants.
8. Wants to get into an Ivy League... and do well.
9. Spends way too much energy on school.... It's a little scary.
10. Is joining an honor society (besides Thespian society) for the first time in her academic career. For the discounts....
11. Think that she's probably going to end up going to an Arts school for Graduate study... In New York City.
12. Wants to sleep, literally, for an entire day(s)
13. Can be both ecstatic and sad at the fact her boyfriend is studying abroad in the middle east next semester.
14. Can be confused and certain at the same time

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vogue Korea: Robot Meets Girl

Via Vogue Korea


what my modernism class reminds me of.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Way I See It # 597

2 posts in one night, but I needed to post this.

The Way I See It # 596

Ice Cream
Mac N Cheeze

Today has been a fatty-foods kind of day.

I've been feeling uninspired lately. Maybe I'm jealous of all of my friends who are studying art. I wish I had more excuses/motivations to be more artistic. I kind of miss theatre. I really miss reading plays and designing sets and lighting, and putting together inspiration boards. I kind of want to buy a large cork board and go to town. I think that having an inspiration board might be nice. I have a notebook that is slowly being filled, but I might like having something that I can see when I wake up.

I also want to paint a wall with Chalkboard paint. I might settle for the back of the door to my room....

I also have this desire to find dropped notes from people around campus, but I'm not sure how often this happens. I also kind of want to take a few hours and write notes to stick into the books at Cabell.

I also realized that I really miss singing. I wish I had more musical soundtracks to sing along to. My friend Michele recently put up her own piano recordings on facebook and myspace, and I was really impressed! I never pegged her as a musical person, so it was really cool to see that out of the blue. I wonder if I could take a singing class with VCU....

In other news... I need to step up my game. I feel like I am in a rut looks wise. Not to complain or anything, but I used to really care about the clothes I wore and how I look, and something happened since last year, and now I think I look like hell.

Description unavailableImage by dno1967 via Flickr

In my french class this morning we listened to "Victime de la Mode" by McSolaar, which is a song about this girl Dominique who struggles to keep up with the fashion of being thin and beautiful. We talked about peer pressures that people my age face, and body image came up. I think everyone has insecurities. I do, every now and then. My french teacher said "L'enfer, c'est les autres" (Hell is the others), which is actually a quotation from Sartre. She asked us if MCSolaar's advice, "L’essentiel est d’ĂȘtre vraiment bien dans sa peau" (It's essential to feel good in your skin) was easy to follow, and we all agreed that it wasn't. Every time I look at a magazine I feel bad, and I'm not even overweight. I think that this super-thin image the media feeds us is really detrimental. I remember writing a paper on appearance discrimination, and for research I looked through magazine and advertisements, and even though I knew the images had been retouched, and I knew that they were spreading falsities, I still wanted to look like that. Even though I was writing about how the media is wrongly persuading girls they aren't good enough, and that it should be stopped, it was affecting me just like everyone else.

However, that was a long time ago, and even though everyone once in a while I feel doubtful, it quickly vanishes... probably just like everyone else in
the world.

Things that have been keeping me occupied:

Modern Art
(above: "Lorette Reclining" by Henri Matisse 1916-1917)

Chocolat Chaud (pour les soirs froids d'automne)
Hot Chocolate for cold Autumn evenings

Candle light
(to blog by...)

The need for a new school bag
(But a persistent lack of funding...)

Working on my Pigeon Pose
"Eka Pada Rajakapotasana"

Images via: Google, Getty, Yoga Journal
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Now, off to bed!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Way I See It # 595

1. I woke up at 5 AM this morning to work on a photoshoot before class. It was fun, and they offered me a job as an actual photo assistant, but I had to turn it down.... I have so much going on already! +5 points (for flattery)!

2. I had lox for breakfast and it may, or may not, have been worth the $9 I spent. Alpine Bagel you tease me so... -3

total= 2 points

3. French class was a success, and my classmates complimented me on my accent. +5 points! However, if that talent only translated into my writing abilities. looks like I'm going to have to do test corrections... -5

total = 2

4. The Death and Burial presentations went well, all I need to do now is start on my exam paper. +3 points!

5. I may, or may not, but probably will fall asleep in art history. -3 points. i missed last class, so I'll need to talk to my teacher about getting onto the blackboard group. BUT I think I did well on my test the class before +4!

total= 6 points

6. I watched Glee last night! <3 Kristen Chenoweth +10 points!

total=16 points!

7. Tonight consists of catching up on my reading for art history (Modernism) because I think I have a test on Monday. I need to look into this further. +2 points

8. I think my Mac battery charger is officially dead.... -10 points and -$80.

9. I have +20 hours on my schedule for this week, and next week will be nearly 14 hours! +5!

total= 11 points.

okay, so not bad for this week. I still have a ton of work to catch up on.

This Weekend:
1. Modernism reading/studying! Test on Monday!
2. French Corrections
3. Finish "The Hold Life Has" for South American Ethnography.
4. Grade exams for Intro class. (mark attendance)
5. Read for Intro class.

now to read!